Work's stages
1. Choosing the
These packages reflect our vision of digital for any business. Your goals determine one of four way of online development — from the simplest to the most completed. We made every effort to do the digitals packages useful for a particular business. For both small and large, offline and already in online.
2. Filling in the brief and providing us with materials
«!» because it's really important

Brief connects your ideas and our capabilities - the more you describe them, the more precisely we will put them into digital life. But don't be afraid. It won't take a lot of time - we have developed the perfect brief, based on the experience of previous orders. There is only the most necessary both for you and us.

If you have additional material (texts, pictures, video etc.) send them to us in addition to the filled brief.

Filling in the brief
3. Place your order
When you have decided on the most appropriate digital-pack you should simply click the Submit button.
If you have questions feel free to contact with us using:

tel.: +7 922 025 2177 (we speak English :)
skype: Candy 8 Bit

4. Just give us some time
We take a day to brainstorm, formulate a vision and concept that will soon grow to what you will be proud of. As soon as the prototypes are ready we will send them to you. If everything suits you from the first time it's cool! If not send us your corrections, but no more then 3 times (including first).
5. Magic
After agreement, we begin to pack your business. In short, the set of "quick magic" in our "LIGHT"-pack includes in: register your chosen domain, make cool design, adapt the site pages for mobile devices, create pages in social networks, colorfully and correctly decorate them, and, of course, we do SEO-optimization, so that customers can easily find you.
6. It's done!
We are giving you completed project and wisdom. You get access to everything that has been done: access to the site administration panel, to all SEO services and accounts in social networks. Also we will send the logos and created design.
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