Site design for
furniture store
Combine two product-directions in one online store: tables-transformers and furniture for teenagers.

For each products made separate pages, linked with main page by bars.
In design we used two colors. The store name conected with fox ("lis"="fox"), so we decided to add pictures of little fox in some blocks. Playful design was very unusual for a furniture store.
R:234 G:96 B:73
C:8 M:83 Y:85 K:0
R:27 G:38 B:75
C:83 M:77 Y:41 K:40
SEO-optimization and settings
Optimized products pages - children's furniture, FTable computer table and XTable folding tables. They made up a large core of search requests.
Registered company in Yandex.Directory. The card has such useful information as: geolocation on the map, address, phone and other information about company.
The technical pages (templates, the 404th page) were closed from indexing. Enabled SSL certificate transforming the site to the secure 'https' protocol.
Created, configured and launched advertising campaigns in Yandex. Direct and Google AdWords.
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