Site redesign for
antique store "Antares"
Transform the oldstyle site of an antique shop into an modern design online-store to attract a young people.
Tilda Publishing
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What colors do you associate with elegance and exclusivity? We decided to focus on purple-blue, red and gold.
To give the site texture, added small elements like piece of foil.
Inspired by the boutique shop windows, we made a virtual shop windows on the site. On the main page photographs of each item were placed into galary grid.
Знак Царского Провизора
Ваза «Викторианский мотив»
Вилки для сардин «Фаберже»
We worked on promoting the site to increase website traffic and increase the quality of the audience.
Collected semantic core. As a result, the core turned out to be small, but as closely as possible to the content of the site.
The technical pages (templates, the 404th page) were closed from indexing.
Enabled SSL certificate transforming the site to the secure 'https' protocol.
Customized site indexing options in 'robots.txt'.
Integrated with the Tilda Yandex Webmaster platform.
Integrated with the Tilda Google Search Console.
Сreated and launch advertising campaigns for Yandex and Google AdWords.
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